10 reasons

The 10 main arguments for choosing a Starline swimming pool

Quality from the Benelux

Starline is the only Dutch & Belgian swimming pool manufacturer in the Benelux. We are the only manufacturer that genuinely designs its swimming pools in the Netherlands & Belgium and produces 100% in-house and to the highest standard.

All other competitors in the Benelux import swimming pools directly from countries such as Eastern Europe, China, Australia and the United States. These countries maintain significantly different standards regarding quality, sustainability and use of materials.

Wisdom with years

Starline has been a constant presence as a swimming pool supplier for more than 35 years and, as such, is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer in the Netherlands & Belgium.

All other competitors in the Benelux have not been in business as long or have (been forced to) discontinued this activity in the meantime. This is important as long warranties are issued by companies that have only been on the market a short time or that have struggled in the past.

Always check how long a company has continuously been active on the market, and don’t be seduced by long warranties that offer a false sense of security.

Only high quality materials

Starline only uses the most superior materials available on the market, sustainably produced by reputable companies. This process involves long test periods by Starline and is completely transparent regarding materials used.

Many competitors use terms like ceramic, kevlar, etc. that are either not used at all or do not add any value, and in some cases are even misleading. The use of cheap materials of dubious quality is also common.

Always check the materials used in the product offered for sale.

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Quality from the Benelux

Starline sells swimming pools where the bottom and walls are straight and where the surfaces have the greatest degree of flatness, straightness and smoothness. Also the stairs that are used have the highest form of finish that no one can match. Starline dares to say that we make the best pools in the world.

With many competitors, the product is actually of less quality than the brochure or internet image. The consumer often has no comparison material and then agrees with a less product, without even knowing it.

Always check this in advance, at Starline you are even welcome in the factory during production and in the showroom we have several models that we can show.

A complete product

Starline supplies a complete product in which all built-in parts such as lamps, injectors, skimmers, jet streams, pipes, covers, stairs and other accessories in the factory are already under full responsibility of Starline and are also covered by the Starline guarantee. Here Starline is completely unique.

Integral cover

Starline is the only manufacturer with its own manufacturing of swimming pool covers that is fully and completely tailored to the swimming pool such as a motor and a chassis. The engineering, production and full responsibility therefore takes place under the responsibility and guarantee of Starline. Here Starline is completely unique in the world.

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Full technical installation

Starline is the only manufacturer that provides the complete technical installation of filter, pump, dosing, disinfection and control, so that everything is delivered by the same reliable party.

Dealer network

Starline has a very reliable network of Starline Dealers. These are reputable companies with skilled and qualified personnel. Every Starline Dealer has had intensive training at Starline. In addition, Starline has its own national service department that supports the Dealers.

The swimming pool sector is an open market where unfortunately parties are active with limited knowledge and expertise.

Open and fair

Starline and its partners use open and complete offers, in which all costs are made transparent.

Many parties work with tenders whereby all kinds of hidden costs are later offered to the competitor or with materials that are not comparable in terms of quality.

Extensive and tailored assortment

Starline has the most extensive range of swimming pools in many different sizes and models. This also includes swimming pools with child safety, ergonomically adjusted models and safety for pets.