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3 reasons why installing a plunge pool is a great idea

Summer is on its way. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could take a refreshing dip in a pool right in your back garden? Even if your garden is not spacious there are options for a Starline swimming pool. Starline offers a plunge pool that is suitable for any garden, even urban ones.

What is a plunge pool?

Well, a plunge pool is basically an inground swimming pool for a small space – a swimming pool in miniature. Why would you want a plunge pool in your garden? ? We can give you several good reasons:

No. 1: Always a spot to cool down close by

On a hot summer day you can walk into your garden and take a refreshing plunge in your own pool. Now that's the life! What's more, with a private plunge pool you can get that luxurious holiday feeling without the hassle of travelling. And you can lounge in the sun while sitting or lying on the walk-in steps of your plunge pool. It's a wellness paradise right outside your door.

No. 2: Compact size means it takes up little space

The plunge pool is a smaller version of the full-size inground swimming pool, which makes it ideal for a smaller garden in an urban home.

No. 3: You can still swim laps in your plunge pool

Despite its small size, it is still possible to swim laps in your plunge pool. With the Starline Endless Swimming system you can swim laps even in the smallest pool.

The Starline plunge pool

Starline's newest swimming pool is the Urban Active. Measuring just 2.5 by 4.5 meters, this can rightly be called a plunge pool. The name says it all: the Urban Active is specially designed for the urban garden. Combine this with our Starline Endless Swimming system and your plunge pool becomes an 'active pool'.

Urban Active also has luxurious seating built into the walk-in steps, the perfect spot for lounging in the sun.

What does a plunge pool cost?

The price of a plunge pool depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Pool material
  • In-garden installation costs
  • Size
  • Accessories and optional extras
  • Water filtration parts

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