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How to select the colour of your Starline pool?

When choosing a swimming pool, you choose the colour. An important choice, because the colour will determine the ambience of your garden. After all, the colour of your swimming pool ultimately also determines the colour of the water. Be inspired by the 7 colours of our Starline swimming pools!

If you are looking for a swimming pool, one of the most important choices you are going to make is what colour your pool will be. Will you choose white, blue, grey or an anthracite? Which colour you ultimately choose for your pool depends on several factors:

• Your personal taste
• The design of your garden (colours, materials)
• The style of your home

The colour of your pool has a direct effect on the colour of your water. You can create different shades of blue with a white, blue, or grey pool. You can create a dark oasis with an anthracite pool.

A permanent tropical paradise in your garden with a white, blue or grey swimming pool

You can create a bright pool with the colours Inspiring White, Soothing Blue, Relaxing Blue, Exciting Grey, Elegant Grey and Stunning Grey. Each of these colours adds a different shade of blue to your pool water. You will immediately see if your water is clean and it is inviting you to take a refreshing dip or jump on a summer day. Which colour you ultimately choose is a personal choice.

With a white, blue, or grey pool, you will feel like you are in a tropical paradise every day. Bring the feeling of the ocean, the sea, and the beach to your own garden every day. A place where you will have a wonderful summer with your family and friends.

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A tropical paradise

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Create a dark oasis with an anthracite pool

A pool in the colour Amazing Graphite creates the look of a swimming pond. This dark oasis is an enrichment for your garden. The anthracite gives your pool a mirror effect, which gives it a luxurious look. A wonderful alternative to a swimming pond in your garden.

An anthracite pool is a perfect match for nature lovers: you can bring the atmosphere of a lake or a pond into your garden. Your garden will have a unique look that will leave an impression.

Passion for wellness

That is why you choose Starline

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Bring nature into your garden

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Be inspired by Starline pools. Which colour will you choose?

Starline offers a choice of 7 different colour. Each colour gives your pool a different character. You can choose from the following colours:

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Be inspired by the swimming pools of Starline. Which colour do you choose?

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Inspiring White

Gert Kwanten Nova 100 Licht Grijs Pc Solar Eclipse Alu Look 19 Exciting Grey

Exciting Grey

Telegrijs Gert Kwanten 56 Elegant Grey

Elegant Grey

Stunning Grey Grijs 8

Stunning Grey

Blue Kopie

Relaxing Blue


Amazing Graphite


Soothing Blue

I want to change the colour of my pool

Do you already have a swimming pool, but want a different colour? Starline offers Premium Pool Coating. An additional advantage is that you do not just change the colour, you also extend the life of the pool. Your pool will look like new.

We make a distinction between standard colours and premium colours.

Standaardkleuren Premium Coating

Standard colours

Premiumkleuren Premium Pool Coating

Premium colours

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