Starline Zuid Urban Active Exciting Grey PC60 Eclipse Alulook Solar 21

A healthy lifestyle with Starline Endless Swimming

Starline Endless Swimming provides a completely new swimming experience: endurance swimming without turning. A strong current ensures that you can be active and sporty even in a small pool.

Stay fit and train your stamina with Starline Endless Swimming!

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Stay home? Keep fit!

More than ever, it is important to be fit. We all stay home and we come up with creative ways to exercise. Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit: the perfect combination of calorie burning and muscle strengthening. Swimming for 1 hour will burn between 500-1000 calories *. Swimming is also a lot less prone to injury than other sports.

* This depends on your body weight, height and your swimming stroke.

The power of nature in your own garden

Starline Endless Swimming creates a natural counter current. The water flows past your body like a natural, flowing river. You feel like you are swimming in nature - and that in your own garden!

What are the benefits of Starline Endless Swimming?

  • No splash water
  • Simple installation
  • Natural counter current
  • No noise
  • Excellent swimming training - keep fit in your own garden!
  • Different speed settings
  • Different stroke volumes possible
Train your stamina

Starline Endless Swimming has 6 different speed settings. This makes the Endless Swimming suitable for every swimmer: from beginner to top athlete. At a low level, the current has a relaxing effect. At a high level, it provides the ultimate swimming training. Due to the different positions, there are challenging swimming programs even for the professional swimmers.

Starline Endless Swimming is also suitable during rehabilitation. You train your muscles and endurance while your joints are spared.

Various systems

With Starline Endless Swimming, you can swim even in a small pool without turning. Do you have a small city garden? Our newest swimming pool, the Urban Active, can be placed in almost any garden, optionally with Starline Endless Swimming.

Starline offers a choice of different systems. First, you choose between a single or a double engine. Different stroke volumes are also possible: from 50 m3/h to 430 m3/h. You are very welcome to try Starline Endless Swimming in our showroom.

Starline Zuid Urban Active Exciting Grey PC60 Eclipse Alulook Solar 13

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