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Extend your swimming season with a Starline heat pump

Want to hold on to that summer feeling a little longer?

With a Starline heat pump, you can enjoy pool water at a pleasant temperature the whole year round. This technology generates warmer water but uses less electricity. That makes a Starline heat pump more energy efficient than other ways of heating your pool.

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Extend your swimming season and reduce energy consumption

We all enjoy the last days of summer. Take a dip and cool off in your own pool, creating priceless memories with family and friends. Maybe you don’t want to say good-bye to the swimming season yet?

A Starline heat pump ensures your water is at the right temperature all year round. With its full inverter technology, this pump is so efficient that in any season you can enjoy minimal energy consumption, even when the sun is not shining.

Thanks to its high-quality components and advanced technology, the Starline heat pump produces warmer water with less energy, and that means a high COP*. It all adds up to more swimming pleasure with a constant temperature and a lower energy bill. Additionally, the Starline heat pump is better for the environment due to lower CO2 emissions.

As a fantastic extra feature, the heat pump can also cool the water. This is a great investment for next summer!

*COP, Coefficient of Performance, is the yield factor differential between energy use and heat generation.

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How does the Starline heat pump work?

Thanks to the warmth of the sun, heat is present in the outside air at any time of day. The Starline heat pump gets 80% of its heat from the air. The compressor forces the air under pressure causing the heat to rise. Then a condenser transfers this heat to the water.

Electricity is only used to circulate the air, not to heat the water. That means terrific energy savings for you!

Enjoy your heated pool in quiet

The Starline heat pump makes very little noise. Thanks to the programmable night mode, the Starline Inverter produces only 28 dB(A) of noise at a 10m distance. This can be compared to the sound you make when you drop a match on a table.

This means you can enjoy your pool in peace and quiet all year round!

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Starline heat pump

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Starline heat pump energy distribution

Control with your smartphone

The Starline has a built-in WIFI receiver and comes with a free app. With this app, you can control and track your heat pump from anywhere.

You can also control the Starline heat pump using the control panel touchscreen. This electronic system is really user friendly. In just a few steps, you can set the desired temperature of your pool water.

It’s easy to get your pool water to the desired temperature quickly, so you can jump in and go for a swim right away!

Full Inverter vs Full Inverter Deluxe

Now that you have decided to install the Starline heat pump to enjoy your pool even longer, you have a choice of two models: Full Inverter or Full Inverter Deluxe. What are the differences between these two heat pumps?

Full Inverter

  • Swim during the season
  • LCD black & white touchscreen
  • 3 settings inverter technology

Full Inverter Deluxe

  • Swim all year round
  • LCD colour touchscreen
  • Continuous inverter technology

The heat pump is easy to control with your smartphone

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