Starline Zuid Urban Active Exciting Grey PC60 Eclipse Alulook Solar 25

Staycation in your small garden

Staycations, where you holiday at home instead of going away somewhere, are becoming increasingly popular. Staying at home doesn't have to be boring! A pool in the garden can make a staycation extra special: a place to enjoy wellness, exercise and fun.

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The latest pool by Starline is the Urban Active, a real pool with compact dimensions. The Urban Active will make your urban garden a place where every day feel likes a holiday resort. Small pool, big fun!

Why choose an Urban Active for your garden?

The Urban Active turns your garden into a luxury urban garden

The name says it all: the Urban Active is specially designed for a compact urban garden. The latest swimming pool from Starline has dimensions of 2.5 x 4.5 x 1.35m, making it Starline's smallest swimming pool. The pool has designer stairs, giving it a luxury look. This makes it the perfect place to relax all summer long. Like other Starline swimming pools, the Urban Active is modern, luxurious and functional.

Safety always comes first

Starline's smallest pool has an integrated Roldeck. Not only does this pool cover keep the water clean, it also keeps the pool area safe. You can also control the Roldeck with a remote control that also has a child lock. This makes Urban Active perfect for families with children.

This also means less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying the pool with your family. Additionally, the cover keeps the water warm, helping you save energy. Finally, the luxury look makes the pool a real feast for the eyes.

Endless swimming with Starline Endless Swimming

Although its compact size might suggest a plunge pool, the Starline Urban Active doesn't have to be. Want to keep fit during your staycation? You have the option of installing Starline Endless Swimming. This function means that you can still swim lengths even in a small pool. The swimming machine displaces water, creating a counterflow effect. This makes your urban garden not only a wellness paradise, but also a place where you can keep fit.

The Urban Active lets you enjoy peace and quiet, exercise, fun and wellness without even having to leave your own home. The best way to enjoy a great staycation.

Starline Zuid Urban Active Exciting Grey PC60 Eclipse Alulook Solar 25

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Small pool, big fun!

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