Een Duurzaam En Energiezuinig Zwembad

A sustainable and energy-efficient pool

Living sustainably and energy efficient is becoming more and more of a priority. We all want to contribute to a more sustainable world and save money on energy. Luckily, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions are available for your own pool, too.

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An insulated Monoblock® pool

The sides of a Starline Monoblock feature an insulating layer that retains the heat of the pool water. For optimum insulation, we equip the walls with high-density foam and the bottom with honeycomb premium skin core (honeycomb structure).

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A more energy-efficient pool with a Starline variable-speed pump and heat pump

The SHC variable-speed pump by Starline features smart filtration: after three minutes (or any other period set by you), the pump will automatically reduce its speed. That way, you can save extra energy. If the pool is covered and not in use, the pump will switch to the lowest preprogrammed speed.

A Starline heat pump generates almost seven times more heat than the energy it takes to run the pump. The heat pump is silent so that you can enjoy your pool in peace.

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A more sustainable pool with a Roldeck® pool cover

A Roldeck® cover completes the insulation of your pool. It stops the heat from escaping via the surface and prevents evaporation. If you choose a solar cover, your pool water will get an extra heat boost. The slats transfer the heat they absorb from the sun to the water.

These are the key benefits of a Roldeck® pool cover:

  • Increased safety
  • Up to 60% less heat loss by preventing water evaporation
  • Integrated pool cover with a luxury appearance

Sustainability through solar panels

We do our best to reduce CO2 emissions during the production of your Monoblock® pool. All our Monoblock® pools are produced in Pelt (Belgium). The energy generated by the solar panels is all used for the production process, allowing us to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum.

A sustainable water treatment system: Starline Pure Water

Starline Pure Water is the latest innovation in the field of water disinfection. Starline Pure Water disinfects the water by applying membrane electrolysis technology.

The device features an integrated tank that holds about 85 kg of salt. The advantage of this large tank is that the salt in the device will only need the occasional refill. The electrolysis process exclusively uses pure salt. The main benefit of this is that no residues of chlorine or other chemicals end up in your pool water. This means you can swim in drinkable-quality water.

The system is fully automated. That way, you can always enjoy clear, clean and healthy pool water.

The main advantages of Starline Pure Water are:

  • No chlorine smell and no chemicals used
  • Very low maintenance and lower use and maintenance costs
  • No eye or skin irritation
  • Water feels extremely soft
  • No salt in your pool water

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