Zwemmen In Water Van Drinkkwaliteit

Swimming in water of drinking quality

Would you like to swim in water that feels gentle and does not irritate the skin and eyes? To keep your swimming water clean and healthy, it is important to disinfect your water.

Other forms of water disinfection sometimes cause a chlorine smell and eye and skin irritations. Starline has a new form of water treatment: Starline Pure Water. Perfect swimming in water of drinking quality!

Starline Pure Water is the latest innovation in the field of water disinfection. The system disinfects the water using the membrane salt electrolysis technique. The result is a swimming pool without residues of chlorine and other chemicals.

Can't wait to swim in water of drinking quality?

How does Starline Pure Water work?

There is 85 kg of salt on one side of the Starline Pure container. On the other side of the container an electrolysis cell is placed under water, consisting of an anode (+) and a cathode (-).

The anode (+) side of the electrolysis cell produces a strong disinfectant. An injector absorbs this by negative pressure, and it dissolves completely in the water. No residues remain in the water.

The cathode (-) side of the electrolysis cell produces an alkaline solution. The alkaline solution is collected and dosed to correct the pH.

This process ensures that you swim in water of drinking quality. This system is fully automated. This leaves you more time to enjoy your sparkling pool.

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Would you like to have clean water without using chlorine?

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What are the advantages of Starline Pure Water?

There are several advantages to this new innovation for swimming in water of drinking quality.

Swimming in water of drinking quality

With Starline Pure Water you avoid adverse effects such as corrosive water, salt film and salt taste. The water also feels soft and does not irritate the skin or eyes.

Simple and harmless disinfection from salt

Starline Pure Water uses pure salt. The great advantage of this technique compared to other disinfection systems is that electrolysis takes place in the Starline Pure unit itself. The residues from the electrolysis process are separated in the unit and do not flow into the swimming pool.

However, it is important to mention that all our water disinfection systems are safe. The biggest advantage of Starline Pure Water is water of drinking quality.

Excellent convenience and easy maintenance

The Starline Pure Water does not use expensive cells, mixers, or other components. Moreover, it is easy to install and connect to your swimming pool. The installation can be monitored through a Wi-Fi connection. Do you already have a filter installation? No problem! It is easy to convert your current installation to a Starline Pure Water System.

A smart system

Starline Pure Water only produces disinfectant when needed. A smart control system ensures that the system operates completely secure. You are assured of clear, clean, and safe water!

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Starline Pure Water Technische Ruimte

Technical installation of the Starline Pure Water

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