Which Starline Spa should I pick?

Enjoying your own home and garden has never been more important. We are forced to stay home as much as possible, and holidays can no longer be taken for granted. In addition, temperatures are falling, and darkness sets in earlier and earlier: winter is coming.

Staying home during the cold winter months does not, however, mean that you cannot create the holiday feeling at home. A spa in your garden offers relaxation, rest and the ultimate holiday feeling, even in winter!

Why place a spa in your garden?

Our Starline Spas are designed and hand-built by people with years of experience and loads of passion for their profession. The shell is finished to the smallest details, we are placing a bigger focus on heat insulation and the frame is guaranteed to have a long lifespan.

In addition, our spas offer many benefits, including:

  • Health benefits
  • Luxury design
  • Enjoy wellness and relaxation

A spa offers various health benefits. For example, they offer relief for joint aches and muscle ache after exercise. Spas also benefit the circulation.

Our spas have a luxury design, making them an eye-catching addition to any garden. We use top-quality Canadian cedar wood to create a stylish, natural and characteristic shell. Selecting the colour of the shell is up to you. The tub is made of high-grade acrylic. This material is UV resistant, colourfast, and scratch and impact resistant. In addition, the tub is easy to clean.

Starline Spas also offer the joy of wellness through hydro massages. Starline spas come with a variety of stainless-steel hydro jets. You can configure the jets to your liking. That way, you can easily create the perfect massage for you. A hydro massage is relaxing, provides you with new energy and offers relief to tired muscles and joints.

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Create a wellness paradise in your own garden

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Which spa should I pick?

When it comes to picking a spa, you have various options. The best spa for you depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Your budget
  • The size of your garden and the spa
  • The number of people that fit in the spa (number of seats)
  • Number of lounge seats, if any
  • Comfort
  • Shape (round or square)

Starline offers 3 to 6-person spas. In addition, we offer seats-only spas as well as spas with lounge seats for extra relaxation.

Compact spa
Our assortment includes various compact spas. With their compact dimensions, these spas fit any urban garden. Enjoy wellness and relaxation with 2 to 3 people.

Family spas
A family spa is the logical choice for families. You can choose between the Chicago Line and the New York Line. With 6 seats, these spas offer enough space for the entire family. The straight lines ensure plenty of freedom of movement, which is great for children. The various seat heights offer comfort to young and old.

Round spas
The Lugano Line and Geneva Line represent our round spa assortment. These spas are characterised by their level of luxury, space, and their unique, round shape.

Spacious spas
Our spacious spas have room for 6 people. Enjoy a drink in your spa with friends or family and relax in a Starline Spa in your own garden after a long day's work.

What does a spa cost?

What does a spa really cost? This depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • The model
  • The size of the spa and the number of people that fit in the spa
  • The luxury level of the spa
  • Construction costs
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Your own design in your garden

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Design your own spa

A Starline spa is a custom spa. You can choose between two tub colours (white or white marble), three shell colours (greywash, red cedar or natural) and two lid colours (grey or brown).

Welke spa kiest u?

Bestel of download onze gratis brochure

Be inspired by the Starline Spas. Which spa will you choose?

You can pick the shell and tub colours yourself.

Melbourne Product

Melbourne Spa (2 persons)

Valencia Product

Valencia Spa (4 persons)

Barcelona Product

Barcelona Spa (4 persons)

Chicago Product

Chicago Spa (4 persons)

New York Product

New York Spa (4 persons)

Porto Product

Porto Spa (5 persons)

Cambridge Product

Cambridge Spa (5 persons)

Edinburgh Product

Edinburgh Spa (6 persons)

A spa in winter: what should I keep in mind?

The water temperature of a spa is about 38 degrees. A spa is not a seasonal product and can be used in autumn and winter. You should keep a few things in mind, however, to make sure you can enjoy your spa to the fullest.

  • Ensure a proper cover
  • Keep an eye on the water level
  • Keep an eye on your own health

In winter, the difference between the outdoor temperature and the water temperature is significant. Make sure you feel healthy at all times.

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A spa gives you the wellness feeling throughout the year, even in winter

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