Why choose a composite swimming pool?

Starline manufactures composite Monoblock swimming pools. A Monoblock is a pool made out of one piece. Not only is this type of pool beautiful to look at, it also has many functional and technical advantages.

Read on to discover why a composite Monoblock pool in your garden is a good choice!

Composite Monoblock pools have a luxurious appearance

One-piece pools have a luxurious appearance. The pools have clean curves, smooth walls, and a sleek bottom with a seamless structure. A jewel for every garden; it creates a place where you can enjoy wellness, luxury, and relaxation with friends and family.

The ambience created by the pool in your garden is up to you. Swimming pools from the Nova line and Infinity range give your garden a modern look. A pool from the Classic range gives a classic, Mediterranean atmosphere. The colour of the pool also determines what your garden looks like.

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Nova Wit 5

Pool from the Nova Line

Starline Monoblock 1

Pool from the Classic Line

Comfort and security

The Monoblock swimming pools are produced entirely in the Starline factory. This includes pool steps, accessories, and integrated parts, such as a jet stream or lighting. As a result, the pool can be installed quickly after production. Because of this, you won't be bothered by construction work in your garden.

Because everything is delivered in one piece, the responsibility and guarantee lies with Starline. When you choose Starline, you choose reliability.

Integrated pool cover

Starline is the only manufacturer of Monoblock swimming pools that manufactures its own pool covers. A Roldeck® pool cover matches Starline pools perfectly. The result is a sleek design and a safe cover.

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Soft and smooth walls and floor

The walls and bottom are smooth. Dirt is therefore easily removed with a soft brush or a Dolphin. In addition, the walls and bottom feel soft, which ensures a pleasant swimming experience.

Starline's composite pools also have good, strong insulating layers. This means that there will be little temperature loss through the walls and bottom. You won’t just be saving energy, but it’s also environmentally friendly!

The composite Monoblock swimming pools from Starline consist of one piece. The pools are seamless, and you won't experience any leaks. So you can enjoy the luxury of a Starline swimming pool without any worries.

Starline Roldeck Pvc50 Solar 10479

Roldeck® pool cover

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A passion for wellness

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