Starline Roldeck Pvc50 Solar 10479

Why install a Roldeck pool cover on your swimming pool?

A swimming pool in the garden guarantees relaxing and entertaining moments with family and friends. Enhance the enjoyment of your pool with a Roldeck® slatted pool cover. A pool cover ensures safety, keeps your pool cleaner, saves energy and the slats are beautiful.

Starline is the only manufacturer with its own production of slatted pool covers. Production is the responsibility and guarantee of Starline, which makes our pool cover unique. Roldeck® has more than 40 years of experience and strives to install perfect pool covers for your pool.
In this blog we will explain the advantages of Roldeck® swimming pool covers and tell you which slatted swimming pool covers we offer.

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A safe pool with Roldeck® pool covers

If you have a swimming pool in the garden, safety is obviously paramount. With Roldeck® you are assured that your pool cover meets the highest NF P90-308* safety standard. A reassuring feeling, especially if you have children or pets.

Clean pool, less maintenance

With a slatted pool cover, your pool stays cleaner. You protect your pool against leaves and dirt, among other things. This means you spend less time maintaining your pool and you have more time for a refreshing dip.

Energy-saving pool cover

A Roldeck® cover reduces heat loss by up to 60% by preventing evaporation of the pool water. To save even more energy, you can also opt for solar slats. The solar pool cover absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the pool water. In the summer months, your pool water will only need a little extra heating.

Aesthetic pool cover

For a perfect, aesthetic finish, a Roldeck® pool cover can be integrated completely invisibly. Almost all Starline swimming pools have an integrated Roldeck recess. If you opt for an Economy pool you have the option of a surface-mounted pool cover.

* Ask for all available options.

Type Roldeck® lamellen

What type of Roldeck® slatted pool covers are there?

You can choose between PVC slats, polycarbonate slats or Solar Eclipse® slats.

PVC slats

With the PVC slats you can choose blue transparent slats in regular or solar version. The transparent blue slats form an attractive whole when combined with underwater lighting in the evening. Or you can opt for opaque slats in white, cream, blue and grey. The PVC slats are 50 mm wide.

Polycarbonate slats

The polycarbonate slats are transparent (crystal clear) and contain an extra UV blocker. This makes them resistant to extreme temperatures, hail, and storms. These slats are also energy-saving and have a high insulating value. They are 60 mm wide.

Solar Eclipse® slats

Solar Eclipse® slats are more scratch resistant and have an exceptional resistance to UV radiation and an extra protective top layer. As a result, their service life is extended considerably. The Solar Eclipse® slats are 60 mm wide and are available in the colours aluminium look, blue and transparent.

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