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Why should you start your pool project in winter?

Winter may not seem like the ideal time to start a pool project, but there are several benefits to starting your pool renovation or construction during the colder months. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why starting your pool project during the colder months can be a smart move, and give you tips on how to successfully plan and execute your pool project.

Start this winter, swim this summer

Every year, we see that many people choose to build a swimming pool when weather conditions are becoming better. The days get longer, the temperature rises, and the number of hours of sunshine increases. Many people assume that summer or spring are the best periods to install a pool, but during these periods, the demand for pool installation is high. This means that pool builders often have a tight schedule. In contrast, during the winter, the demand is lower, so you will be ahead of the crowds. But there are many other advantages of installing a Starline Monoblock® pool in winter...

Secondly, installing a pool in the winter means that it will be ready to use as soon as the warmer weather arrives. This means that you don't have to wait for the pool to be built and filled before you can start enjoying it. Plus, we often see that early spring already has some very pleasant days as well. Wouldn't it be great if your pool is already completed by then?

Installing a pool in winter - the advantages of a Monoblock® pool

Monoblock pools are easy to install and maintain. Unlike traditional in-ground pools which require a lot of excavation and construction, monoblock pools are pre-fabricated and assembled in our factory, making the installation process way quicker and less disruptive to your property. This also allows gardeners to start the plating or tiling of the garden earlier, allowing your garden to be completed earlier. If you choose to have a Monoblock® pool built in winter, you will not have the disadvantages that you would experience with a construction pool.

Additionally, Starline monoblock pools are energy-efficient. They are designed to reduce the use of energy to circulate and filter the water. Starline pools offer a unique solution for pool covers, the Roldeck cover, that is designed to be energy-efficient and safe for users. It is seamlessly integrated into the pool which helps save energy costs and enhance safety.

Lastly, Starline monoblock pools are built to last. They are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your pool will be a long-lasting addition to your backyard. Monoblocks also require less maintenance and cleaning, as the structure is made of one piece, making it watertight and more durable.

Building a pool in winter - a great forecast

As winter turns into spring, decorate your pool's surroundings according to your wishes. Sun loungers, a well-tended lawn, and perhaps a nicely decorated lounge area or cozy outdoor kitchen. When the weather turns and everyone seeks out a busy terrace or heads en masse to the coast, you take a refreshing dip in your pool. By choosing to have your pool built in winter, you will benefit from your swimming paradise sooner and for longer.

In winter, you spend a lot of time indoors, so why don't you start making your come true dreams? Start visualising your dream pool on our website. After this, you can discuss your requirements with your Starline dealer and coordinate the schedule. Your Monoblock® pool will be built entirely to your specifications in our factory. By the time your pool is ready, our dealers will take care of excavating the soil and installing your pool.

Starline Energy Deal

A swimming pool is a great addition to any garden, but energy costs can be an thorn in your side. Not with Starline, because thanks to our Energy Deal*, you can now benefit from a temporary discount when you purchase a new pool! Want to know more? Contact your local Starline dealer and they will gladly tell you all about it,

(*Valid until 31 March 2023 and installation before 31 October 2023.)