Built-in swimming pool

A built-in swimming pool, or in-ground pool, is an excellent choice if you want your pool to blend smoothly into the surroundings. Whether you want an outdoor pool for your garden or holiday retreat or an indoor pool for your home, a Starline built-in swimming pool is the best option.

Starline built-in swimming pool

A Starline built-in swimming pool blends beautifully into the outdoor surroundings or indoor enclosure because the pool is sunk into the ground. Starline offers a choice of six different product lines. Each line has its own characteristic style and each design comes in several different sizes. This means that there is always a built-in pool in your preferred design in the most suitable size for your situation.
Construction of built-in swimming pool
Starline’s built-in swimming pools are manufactured using advanced production techniques and are made from a high-quality composite construction that is fully geared to the intended function of the swimming pool. Starline’s built-in swimming pools are made from one single piece, the so-called Monoblock® swimming pool, so no unattractive edges or seams are visible. Starline’s built-in swimming pools are therefore extremely aesthetic, hygienic, low-maintenance and skin-friendly.
Personalise your built-in swimming pool
Of course, Starline can completely personalise your built-in pool to suit your individual taste. For example, you could opt for elegant designer steps, a waterfall or a jetstream for a vigorous workout.


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