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The ideal pool stairs

Steps are an indispensable element in a swimming pool, providing safe and easy access, but are also a recreational space.

Broad walk-in steps

These are full-width steps placed on one side of the pool that gradually descend into deeper water. They are an excellent choice for people who love a sleek design and want to enter the water gradually.

Broad walk-in steps Oblique

The Oblique steps are unique and innovative pool steps available exclusively from Starline. These steps are designed to give the appearance a new dimension, creating a striking visual effect with various lounge options.

Walk-in steps Essential

The Essential steps are a bold, modern option for access to your pool. These steps are integrated into the width in which a jet stream can be placed and were exclusively designed by Starline for the Essential Line and the Essential Xcite Line (incl. Lounge platform).

Straight walk-in steps

Starline’s straight walk-in steps are a versatile and stylish option for Nova Line and Infinity Line pools. They can be placed on the left or right or on both sides for a symmetrical look. The narrow corner steps adjoin the lounge area of the pool, providing an elegant entrance to and from the relaxation area.

Corner stairs

These steps are placed in one or two corners of a pool and offer easy access without taking up much space. They are a popular choice for swimmers who want to make the most of the swimming area by doing laps. These steps are available in the Dynamic Line and City Line.

Dynamic lounge plateau walk-in steps

The lounge walk-in steps are an exclusive addition to Starline’s Dynamic Line and offer a unique way to relax in your pool. These steps are specially designed for lounging in the water and offer different heights for relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Walk-in steps classic

Half-round walk-in steps, also called half-moon steps, are a traditional and stylish way to access your pool. Their round shape makes them perfect for homes and gardens in a classic or Mediterranean style. Starline offers round walk-in steps for the City Line and Classic Line.

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