Fine detailing in the finish

Pool accessories enhance the swimming pool experience and provide the finishing touch. For instance, a beautiful visual effect can be created with coping stones and patio tiles, and pool lighting can look spectacular in the evening. A handsome outdoor shower is another indispensable feature. Read what Starline has to offer.

Accessories | Starline Pools - LED Lightning

LED pool lighting

Installing lights in and around the swimming pool creates a fabulous atmosphere and allows you to enjoy a delightful swim in a beautifully lit pool on a warm summer evening. LED pool lighting is very popular. LED lighting is energy-efficient and long-lasting, and it comes in a wide range of colours. With LED pool lighting you can choose colours to suit the occasion, or you can create an interesting play of light by having the lights change colour.

Accessories | Starline Pools - Waterfall


A waterfall is an eye-catching feature and adds a dynamic element to the swimming pool. It is fun for children and gives a swimming pool that extra touch of class.

Accessories | Starline Pools - Jetstream

Starline jetstream

If you have a smaller swimming pool, or if you want to build up your stamina with physical exercise, a jetstream generates a strong counter-current for you to swim against.

Accessories | Starline Pools - Shower

Stainless steel outdoor shower

Starline’s exclusive minimalistic outdoor showers have a powerful, robust shape and a conspicuously simplistic design. The free-standing stainless steel outdoor showers can be installed in the garden next to a swimming pool or sauna.

Accessories | Starline Pools - Coping Stones

Coping stones and patio tiles

A handsome natural stone edging and matching patio tiles will give your swimming pool a personal touch.

Accessories | Starline Pools - Integrated Components

Integrated pool components

Integrated components have an effect on the appearance of a swimming pool and are consequently available in a range of different styles and materials.

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