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Monoblock® Swimming Pool

Starline manufactures and distributes Monoblock® pools. The key feature of a Monoblock® pool is that it is a single unit and does not consist of different parts, making it a perfectly harmonious addition to your garden. Starline has a wide selection of Monoblock® pools. Our extensive range has nine different pool lines and consists of both modern and classic Monoblock® pools.

Starline produces Monoblock® pools with a perfectly straight bottom and walls whose surfaces have the greatest degree of flatness, straightness and smoothness. Starline has a wide range of luxury Monoblock® pools suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The nine pool lines offer a wide choice of Monoblock® pools, step options, diverse colours and various accessories.


What are the characteristics of a Monoblock® pool?

Monoblock® pools have a number of unique features. For example, our composite pools have smooth walls, preformed built-in parts and well-insulated walls, and the pool is placed in the garden as a single unit.

A Monoblock® pool consists of one unit

Monoblock® pools are made in the factory and then placed in the garden as a single unit. This means the pool can be quickly installed in your house or garden. Our transport will deliver your pool from our factory in Pelt to your home. Your Starline dealer is ready to install the Monoblock® pool in your garden and connect the necessary technology. Our Monoblock® pools also have preformed built-in parts like the steps, which are already installed at the factory.

A Monoblock® pool has smooth walls and a smooth bottom

Starline Monoblock® pools have a smooth surface that feels soft to the touch, on both the walls and the bottom. This is pleasant for your skin and gives a luxurious, sleek appearance. Monoblock® pools are perfectly straight, so your pool and garden are in perfect harmony. The walls of a Monoblock® pool are also very well insulated, resulting in less heat loss. The shell is sturdy and leak-proof.




Getting a Monoblock® pool built

The construction of a Monoblock® pool follows a fixed, efficient procedure.

First you discuss your wishes with your nearest Starline dealer. You will then receive a suitable quotation. After you accept the offer, we will start work at our factory in Pelt (BE) to make your Monoblock® pool especially for you. Once your pool is ready, it will be prepared for transport. Your Starline Monoblock® pool will be placed as a single unit in your garden or home by your own Starline dealer.

How does the installation of a Monoblock® pool work?

A Monoblock® pool is produced as a single unit at our factory in Pelt (BE). The shell, the steps and the desired built-in parts are completely custom-made by us. Once it is ready, we will transport the Monoblock® pool to your home. Your Starline dealer will take care of the necessary work in your garden and arrange the installation and connection of the pool.

The feel of a Starline Monoblock® pool

A Starline Monoblock® pool means enjoying luxury, relaxation and wellness together with your family and friends. Having your own pool also contributes to an active lifestyle: swimming laps is a wonderful way to exercise, even if you have injuries. A Starline Monoblock® pool enriches your life, brings pleasure, ensures a healthier lifestyle and is a feast for the eyes.

Interested in a Monoblock® pool? No doubt you have numerous questions, because building a pool requires professional experience. Starline has been an expert in the field of Monoblock® pools and everything to do with producing and constructing private pools for almost 50 years. So look no further, because at Starline we offer high-quality Monoblock® pools with the highest quality materials.


Cross-section of a Starline Monoblock® pool wall

Starline manufactures composite Monoblock® swimming pools of the highest quality. To ensure this quality, we only use high-grade raw materials that have passed extensive testing. The walls and bottom of a Monoblock® pool consist of seven different layers that are constructed in such a way that the wall is impermeable to water.

For optimal insulation of the pool, a honeycomb premium skin core is used in the bottom and a high density isolation foam is incorporated in the walls. The full force composite layer makes the pool completely impermeable to water. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on the waterproof performance of your Starline Monoblock® pool.

The gel coat layer determines the colour of your pool. This layer is ideal for swimming pools because of its high UV resistance. This combination of high quality materials guarantees a durable pool of the highest quality and a lifetime of enjoyment of your pool.

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Discover our Monoblock® brochure

Starline works out of a desire to increase your swimming and wellness enjoyment. To this end, we have been developing, designing and producing Monoblock® private pools since 1973. Be inspired by Starline’s range of Monoblock® pools.