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Pool renovation

Has your swimming pool become slightly discolored, damaged or faded over the years? Then we have thé solution for you: Starline Premium Pool Coating.

Your swimming pool is as good as new again, thanks to the two layers of durable and high-quality color coating. This color coating is made of specially developed and patented plastic, which makes sure that your valuable property remains timeless.


Why Starline Premium Pool Coating?

  • Meets contemporary taste
  • 5 year warranty
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Durable and solid
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Short realization time
  • Extends the lifespan
  • UV and acid resistant
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Excelling in service

That is why you choose Starline

Step 1


The swimming pool gets emptied and cleaned. In order to prevent damages to the built-in parts and the Roldeck, these will be temporarily removed. The edges and edge stones will also be covered to prevent damages and discoloration. The inside of the swimming pool will be sanded, so the coating can perfectly adhere to the pool.

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Step 2

Epoxy resin layer & coating

Now, the pool is ready for the treatment. The team of experts applies an Epoxy resin layer, which strengthens the adhesion of the coating. Two layers of color coating will be applied over a period of two days.

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Step 3

Check and fill

The experts check carefully whether the color coating has been applied uniformly and with the same quality, subsequently the installation parts and the Roldeck are replaced. Eventually, your new and contemporary swimming pool can be filled with water for optimal swimming pleasure.

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Come visit us at the showroom

You are more than welcome!


Would you like to have more information or view a swimming pool with the Starline Pool Coating? You are most welcome in our showroom in Valkenswaard, where our specialists will give you advice without any obligations.

Our stylish indoor and outdoor showroom are equipped with all facilities to gain inspiration in the area of swimming pools and spa’s. We look forward to seeing you!