Lower maintenance. Better protection.

A pool cover has so many advantages that it is an essential accessory for any swimming pool. First and foremost a pool cover increases safety. A cover also keeps the swimming pool cleaner as it protects against dirt and debris, meaning that you spend less time and effort on maintenance. Another important advantage of a pool cover is that it retains and generates heat, which is especially useful in wet weather. Starline recommends and supplies Roldeck® pool covers. These covers are not only very attractive to look at but they also come with a remote control to activate the cover from a distance. They also have a childproof lock.

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Quality and innovative top products

Roldeck® swimming pool covers has more than 40 years of experience in the field of qualitative, innovative and reliable top products. At Roldeck® we strive for perfection. By using the most modern manufacturing techniques, a product is created that can always be delivered exactly to size and functions without problems. The use of top materials guarantees a long service life. Every Roldeck is checked for quality once it leaves the factory.

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Safety first

Starline Roldeck systems meet the highest safety standards for swimming-pool covers currently applicable in Europe.


Energy savings

A Roldeck cover limits loss of heat to 60%, by combating evaporation of the swimming pool water.


Smooth integration

For a perfect, aesthetically pleasing finish, a Roldeck cover can be built in, to be completely invisible.

The advantages of Roldeck

• Safety standard NF P90-308
• Energy savings of up to 60%
• Suitable for almost all swimming pools
• Wide choice of slats
• Top-class materials
• User-friendly
• Automatic operation possible