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Service and maintenance

Starline develops its Monoblock® pools with almost 50 years of experience, knowledge and personal dedication. A top-quality product naturally requires excellent service and professional maintenance. With our offer of good service in combination with a quality product, you can rest assured of your purchase, enjoy it with peace of mind and focus on the things that really matter.


Qualified professionals with broad knowledge

Our dealers are carefully selected professionals trained by us to have the right knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with the best possible service. They now have many years of expertise in soil conditions, water treatment, maintenance, permits, safety and legislation, covering all aspects involved in purchasing a swimming pool.

Technical Support Department

Starline’s Technical Support Department forms the ‘back-up’ for every authorised Starline dealer and provides extra service for every Starline customer. In the unlikely event of problems or questions that cannot be resolved by the dealer itself, the specialists at Starline Technical Support will be called in to assist. This way, any problem can be solved quickly, giving you the assurance of a product that you can enjoy worry-free for many years.

Warranty for enjoyable swimming with peace of mind

Starline sets high standards for the quality of its products and therefore offers good warranty conditions. Starline guarantees you, among other things, a lifetime warranty on the watertightness of your pool’s vinyl ester. You will also get a 20-year warranty on construction and material defects in the vinyl ester. Thanks to Starline’s good warranty conditions, customers can relax in their own private pool with peace of mind, knowing their investment is in good hands.

Worry-free maintenance

The most important aspect of maintenance is ensuring high water quality and pool cleaning. To this end, Starline offers a wide range of pool covers, water treatment products, filters and maintenance products. Our dealers are always ready to assist you with the best possible service, whether it concerns preventive maintenance or solving any technical problems. These experienced technicians ensure that your pool is always in top condition, so you can relax and enjoy it with peace of mind.

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Quick and correct installation

Once your Starline Monoblock® pool has been produced, it will be delivered directly from our factory in Pelt to the location of your choice. In the factory, your pool will be fully equipped with all custom work such as built-in parts, piping and accessories. The pool is then fully tested, loaded onto the lorry, and correctly installed and connected by one of our reputable dealers. This results in a very short installation time compared to other pools.

The key to a harmonious whole

Besides technical support, our dealers also have expertise in edge and terrace finishing that ensures a harmonious whole around the pool. They also work with established local partners, such as gardeners, who can further contribute to achieving a unique and adapted garden. All this together is what makes Starline unique within the pool industry and is one of the reasons why our customers have been counting on us for decades.

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Visit our swimming pool factory

You can come and see how your swimming pool is produced while enjoying a pastry and a cup of coffee or tea.

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