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Our story

Starline has been working passionately since 1973 to bring your swimming experience to the highest possible level. We make this happen by developing, designing, producing and distributing Monoblock® private pools, Roldeck® pool covers and various pool technology products – all with the status of a first-class brand. And it takes real effort to become a first-class brand: you have to deliver years of top quality. We achieve this by producing in-house, closely monitoring quality, only working with certified suppliers and offering you a strong guarantee.

Our story

Our philosophy

At Starline, we strive to provide our customers with the ultimate, complete swimming experience. As a leading pool manufacturer, we have focused on the international market for years and offer products and services of exceptional quality. Our goal is to be a reliable partner for all your pool needs. Moreover, we make your life simpler by offering everything you need under one roof. Our range includes a wide selection of Monoblock® pools, steps, colours, sizes, covers, water treatment techniques, built-in parts and associated products. We strive for an informal, personal and confidential approach in everything we do.

Shine like a star with Starline

The logo is an important visual element for Starline and guarantees the core values that Starline holds in high esteem. The star represents the excellence and appearance of Starline’s products. The diamond element symbolises the valuable and timeless nature of the products and the quality that the company offers. Finally, the crown not only guarantees superior quality, but also that we regard the customer as king and accordingly strive to provide complete satisfaction. By merging these elements into the logo, Starline reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality products and outstanding service to its customers.

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Outstanding service

We believe that our service should meet all your expectations, so that you are and remain satisfied. That’s why Starline offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our pools. We also offer a lifetime warranty on the watertightness of the vinyl ester top layer and the shell. Moreover, you can always contact us for questions and advice – before, during and after purchase.

Extensive dealer network

We work with an international network of Starline dealers, importers, pool builders and installers. With many Starline dealers spread over Europe, there’s always someone nearby who can help you. We check and guarantee the knowledge and quality of our dealers, so you can always count on the best possible support in making your dream pool a reality.

State-of-the-art showroom

We have an ultra-modern showroom at our headquarters in Valkenswaard, which regularly hosts training sessions for our dealers to ensure they are competent and up-to-date. Our showroom is not only somewhere to display our products, but also a sought-after location for corporate events. We invite you to take a look here to get an impression of our pools, systems and techniques.

High-tech production facility

Our high-tech 15,000 m² production facility is located just across the border in Belgium: it is the largest swimming pool factory in Europe. The Monoblock® pools and Roldeck® pool covers are produced and assembled in this advanced production facility using the latest production techniques. Our professionals work with passion on your dream pool. You can come and see how your pool is made while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Decades of experience in pool production

Born from a dream of creating perfect swimming pools and a rich history going back decades, Starline has grown into one of the leading pool manufacturers, with a reputation for quality and reliability. Starline’s story goes beyond just its products. It is the story of people who work with passion and dedication to inspire and delight their customers.

Sustainable choice for swimming pools

At Starline, sustainability and responsible production are paramount. We are proud to say that Starline is the only pool manufacturer producing in Northern Europe. This has several environmental benefits and makes Starline the most sustainable choice for swimming pools.

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Our brochure shows how our Monoblock pool can transform your garden into an oasis of peace and relaxation.

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