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There’s more to designing a swimming pool than just developing a functional product. It is also important to create an attractive pool that looks aesthetically pleasing. One of the most important elements of a pool’s aesthetics is its design, in particular the sleek walls.

The angle of inclination between the bottom and the side wall is extremely important for a sleek and solid pool. It determines the straightness of the walls in relation to the bottom, and with it the design and look of the Monoblock® pool.

What makes Starline so unique is the tight angle between the bottom and the wall. To be specific, Starline Monoblock® uses an angle of <91°, which is unparalleled in the market. For example, other manufacturers work with an angle of about 98°. While this may seem like a small nuance, it has a huge impact on the look of the pool.



1. Sleek and modern look

A sharp angle of inclination between the wall and the bottom creates a sleek and modern look that fits perfectly with the contemporary architecture of modern garden designers. Starline produces pools where the bottom and walls are virtually straight and the surfaces have the greatest degree of flatness and smoothness, resulting in minimal pool maintenance. The steps also have the very best finish. All this together makes the Starline Monoblock® one of the most beautiful and highest quality composite swimming pools in the world.

2. The sturdiest wall-bottom construction

In addition, sleek walls not only provide a more modern look, but also offer greater sturdiness. Due to the smaller radius between the bottom and the side walls of Starline pools, there is significantly less chance of cracks appearing. So remember the following rule of thumb if you are planning to buy a Monoblock pool: the larger the angle between the wall and the bottom, the more susceptible it is to cracks.

3. Focus on quality over quantity

a larger angle of inclination so that the pools can be stacked. These manufacturers are forced to do this because they have their pools produced in other parts of the world. This saves them space during transport and storage, but can also come at the expense of quality. Due to the great pressure imposed on the walls, the pool can suffer damage that is not always immediately visible. In addition, these pools are often stored outdoors for longer periods of time. In cold, humid or extremely hot temperatures, this is not conducive to the quality of the pool – quite the opposite. Starline, on the other hand, delivers its pools immediately after production, straight to the end customer.

Production facility Starline vs Competition
4. The most environmentally friendly choice

At Starline we attach great importance to sustainability and responsible production. For this reason, we are proud to say that we are the only manufacturer of composite Monoblock® swimming pools in Western Europe. By producing locally, we avoid the need to import pools from distant continents, allowing us to limit transport distances and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing Starline therefore means not only opting for high-quality and stylish pools, but also the most environmentally friendly choice.

5. Expertise in sturdy wall-bottom construction

The radius of the angle of inclination between the bottom and wall not only affects the aesthetics, but also emphasises the expertise in the production process. It takes a lot of craftsmanship to make a pool with a sleek wall. This is because a pool with a shallow release angle is easier to detach from the mould. Reducing the radius makes releasing the pool from the mould not an easy task and requires decades of experience.

6. Years of craftsmanship

Starline started out in the swimming pool industry 50 years ago and, due to the lack of quality products on the market at the time, was forced to design and develop its own. Starline therefore produces its current pool range based on decades of experience, which has resulted in unparalleled quality. When you choose Starline, you are assured of a beautiful and durable pool that you can enjoy for a lifetime!



Do you want a sustainable, top-quality swimming pool? Then choose Starline, the only Monoblock® pool manufacturer in the Benelux region. We are ready to help you choose a sustainable pool and welcome you to our factory in Pelt (Belgium)!

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