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Starline works with a passion for increasing your enjoyment of swimming and wellness. We develop, produce and distribute sleekly designed, top-quality Dutch designer whirlpools, for people who attach value to health, fitness and safety. A Starline whirlpool means enjoying a lifestyle full of luxury, relaxation and pleasure.

Unique qualities

The tub is made from high-quality acrylic styrene. This material is UVresistant, colour-proof and will protect your spa from any scratches or damages. It is also easy to keep clean. There are various colours to choose from. For the stylish, natural characteristic casing of the spas, we use Canadian cedar wood of the highest quality. The natural oils in the wood make for a durable, water-resistant material that can withstand any types of weather conditions or erosion.
The combination of hot water and intense hydro massage very effectively provide a calm, relaxed feeling, allowing both the body and mind complete relaxation. Enjoy your own spa in every season at any time of day. After sporting activities and before going to sleep are excellent moments to enjoy the therapeutic effects of a spa. The hot water and powerful hydro therapy allow for recovery and relaxation of the muscles. The feeling of weightlessness in the hot water combined with hydro massage reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.
Starline spa's are fitted with a diverse range of stainless steel hydro jets. There is also the option to install a blower with 10 stainless steel air jets. You can adjust both the air/water combination and the power and direction of the jets to easily create the massage you want. A hydro massage relaxes the body, produces new energy and has a relieving effect on muscles and joints.
The meticulous ergonomic design ensures that there will always be a type of spa that matches your wishes, giving you the right kind of support during and after your hydro massage. Furthermore, we take different body types into account in our designs.
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That's why you choose Starline