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Edinburgh Line

Very lavish whirlpool with many massage options

Very spacious

Very spaciously designed whirlpool that offers space for six people.

Flexible seating

Spacious seats at various heights. Sit opposite or next to each other.


Intense massage of the back and legs. Including central foot massage.


Number of people



51, stainless steel

24 hours circulationpump


RGB LED-lighting


Spa cover


Ceder wooden shell, FSC certified




UV scratch resistant acrylic


Bottom drainage

Yes (gravity)

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Number of people


Sitting positions


Lying positions


Child seat


Head rests


Cooling seat



51, stainless steel

Massage pumps

2 (2 speeds)

'Directional' jets


'Twirl' jets


'Roto' jets


'Twin roto' jets


'Rifled' jets


'Multi massage' jets


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Edinburgh Line

Very lavish whirlpool with many massage options

Very large whirlpool

The Edinburgh Line is a very large whirlpool with different types of seats, provided with the widest possible range of massage options. This model is fitted with different types of seats, with seats next to and opposite each other. The tub and bench seats are lavish and vary in depth. Whirlpool Edinburgh Line is fitted with extensive foot massagers. Enjoy the two different types of foot massage in the middle of the spa from four seats. The IMPACT jet, the largest hydrojet, provides an intense massage for the lower back or the legs, with an optional neck or shoulder massage. This whirlpool offers plenty of space and options: luxury for the whole family. Each Starline whirlpool is fitted with a number of sustainable, energy-saving and ergonomic innovations as standard.

Technical details


232 x 232 x 98 cm

Size cover

233 x 114 x 12/8 cm

Water capacity

1600 Liter

Dry weight

400 kg


3 kW



Tub material

Acryl Aritech


1 x 5m²

Standard equipment

  • Stainless steel hydrojets

    All whirlpools are fitted with stainless steel hydrojets in various patterns, each with a different function (WIRP).

  • Massage pump(s) / air regulator(s) and flow regulator(s)

    The air regulators provide a gentle massage using air. With the flow regulators, you can set the power of the water or air flow exactly the way you like it.

  • Operation via WiFi

    Starline Whirlpools are provided with WiFi. Linked to an internet connection and with the available Whirlpool App, the whirlpool can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, through your smartphone.

  • 24-hour circulation

    The 24-hour circulation pump ensures that the water is continuously circulated. The massage pump(s) are connected to the hydrojets.

  • Filter system

    In order to continue enjoying crystal-clear and clean water, every whirlpool is fitted with an internal filter system for filtration of the water. The system works with one or two filter patterns.

  • Ozonator

    In order to keep the water healthy and prevent formation of bacteria, the spas are fitted with an ozonator, which works with a special ozone injection (Corona discharge).

  • Drain in the bottom of the tub

    If the water needs to be replaced, it is easy to empty the spa using the drain in the bottom of the tub.

  • UV-resistant and colourfast

    The whirlpool tub is made of UV-resistant and colourfast acrylic. The material is resistant to scratches and bumps and is easy to keep clean.

  • Sealing and insulation

    The Starline cover is available in the colours grey and brown.

  • RGB LED lighting

    Change the colour and atmosphere of your whirlpool with the RGB LED lighting. The whirlpool has an LED lamp with six colours.

  • FSC-approved cedar wood

    Each Starline whirlpool is fitted with a beautiful cedar-wood casing (the finishing). Our Canadian supplier delivers FSC-approved cedar wood. So you are assured a sustainable product from a responsible source.

  • Sustainable heating

    The water in the whirlpool can be heated extra sustainably by connecting the water supply to the central heating. This allows the water to be heated more quickly and efficiently, which results in a significant energy saving and is more environmentally friendly. Each whirlpool tub is fitted with various electrical connection options. The Starline whirlpools are also all provided with a 3 kW electric heat exchanger as standard.

  • Full foam insulation

    All whirlpools are very energy efficient and provided with quadruple insulation as standard for optimal retention of the water’s heat.

  • ABS underside

    The whirlpools are protected against dirt and damp on the underside by an ABS protection plate.

Excellent service

That is why you choose Starline


Step bench
Step bench
Bottom suction
Bottom suction
Lift-system: Cover Caddy
Lift-system: Cover Caddy
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