Rural design with a Mediterranean tint. Semi-round steps with a starting block in the middle.

Price indication * €48.000


Romana Line | Starline Pool - Mediterranean Design
Elegant Mediterranean design

Curved entrance steps give this pool a Mediterranean look.

Romana Line | Starline Pool - Safety Rim
Safety rim and standing ledge

The safety rim at the top of the pool wall provides extra support if a load is applied to a closed swimming pool cover. The standing ledge around the walls gives you the opportunity to take a break whilst swimming.

Romana Line | Starline Pool - Entrance Steps
Curved entrance steps

Curved entrance steps spanning the entire width of the pool, including a starting block with a Jetstream option.


Romana Line
Available colors
8m | 9m | 10m
Standing ledge
Safety rim
Entrance steps
Integrated Roldeck®
Watertightness of vinylester
Lifetime guarantee

Romana 80

length : 8m | Width : 4m | Depth : 1,50m Volume: 38000 liter

Romana Line | Starline Pool - Construction 80

Romana 90

length : 9m | Width : 4m | Depth : 1,50m Volume: 43000 liter

Romana Line | Starline Pool - Construction 90

Romana 100

length : 10m | Width : 4m | Depth : 1,50m Volume: 48000 liter

Romana Line | Starline Pool - Construction 100


Romana Line

A Romana swimming pool is the model for your rural or Mediterranean style garden. The classic half-moon entrance steps are typical for these kinds of swimming pools.

Romana Line swimming pools come in three pool lengths of 8, 9 and 10 meters. The swimming pools are always 4 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. A sporty element is the starting block positioned at the middle of the curved entrance steps. A jetstream can optionally be installed in the starting block for powerful swimming training.

Romana Line swimming pools are fitted with a number of safety measures. Do you want to take a breather in the water by the pool side? The pool walls have a standing ledge at 90cm from the pool floor. At the end of the day, when you cover your swimming pool with your Roldeck® pool cover, it will be supported by the safety rim at the tops of the walls. This cover reduces maintenance and provides a feeling of safety.

(*)Including built-in components, lighting, Roldeck cover and sandfilter. Excluded installation and construction activities. Incl. 21% VAT (Prices may vary from country to country due to tax differences)

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