Vinylester swimming pool

Starline sells high quality vinylester swimming pools. The swimming pools have a very straight bottom and lining. The surface of the vinylester swimming pools are well-known because they are very even, straight and smooth. This is Starline’s way to be different compared to other swimming pool producers.

Infinity line

This vinylester swimming pool has a very chic design. The swimming pool has an infinity feature, where the water disappears without a sound. The infinity feature creates an unusual effect and gives the pool a special look. Perfect when you are looking for a swimming pool which isn’t the same as all the other pools.

Nova line

Characteristic for the Nova line is the sleek version. This swimming pool of vinylester is well-known of it’s sleek lines and high waterline. Everything combined gives the pool a beautiful and natural appearance.

Dynamic line

The Dynamic line, which is also made of vinylester, is well-known of the pools size. That’s why the pool is seen as a family pool. Because of the family pool (where children will be most of the time in the pool), a safety rim and standing ledge is established.

Essential line

Typical for the Essential vinylester swimming pool is the step that is over the entire width of the pool. This makes it very comfortable to walk into the swimming pool. The swimming pool also has an option to add a Jetstream. This is possible because of the starting block in the middle. A safety rim and standing ledge is also included.

Classic line

The curved steps in the vinylester swimming pool gives the pool a Mediterranean look. This makes the pool unique, compared to the other pools. This pool also has a starting block, safety rim and standing ledge.

City line

The size of this vinylester pool makes it unique. This is because this pool is smaller than the other pools of Starline. This makes the swimming pool perfect if you aren’t privileged with a big garden. Besides, this pool is also equipped with a safety rim and a standing ledge.