Energy-efficient swimming

With rising energy costs, swimming can quickly become an expensive affair. Fortunately, Starline offers sustainable solutions so you can swim energy-efficiently, without having to compromise on design and comfort.

“Energy-efficient swimming is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. I would be happy to tell you more about the energy-saving solutions offered by Starline.”


A free and sustainable heating system

Heat your pool with solar slats

Protect your pool against heat loss by up to 70% with an integrated Roldeck® pool cover. But that is not all. With a solar cover you benefit from a free and sustainable source of heating for your pool water: the sun. The slats of the cover absorb the sun's heat and transfer it to the pool water, gradually raising its temperature. So you enjoy comfort and sustainability in one.

Tekening die de verschillende onderdelen en producten aanduid van een technische ruimte van een Starline zwembad, namelijk de comfort versie. Deze bevat alle basiselementen voor een goed uitgerust zwembad.

Smart and innovative water treatment technologies

Energy-efficient frequency pump and heat pump

Water treatment consumes the most energy, which is why it pays to invest in energy-efficient solutions. Starline offers several smart technologies, such as the SHCS frequency pump that automatically switches back to a lower speed after three minutes or when the pool is not in use. Moreover, the Starline heat pump generates almost seven times more heat than the electricity needed to operate and is low-noise.

De doorsnede en ontleding van een Starline zwembad met optimale isolatie, optimale versteviging en een sublieme afwerking.

A long-term investment

A fully insulated pool

A Starline Monoblock® pool typically weighs between 1000 and 3000 kg. This is heavier than comparable pools because at Starline, we do not skimp on insulation material. Each Monoblock® pool is standardly equipped with high-density foam insulation in the walls and a honeycomb premium skincore in the bottom. This minimizes heat loss from the pool water and saves on energy costs.

Atmospheric and low energy consumption

Choose LED pool lighting

Energy-efficient lighting is a crucial factor in keeping your pool's energy costs low. Starline offers various options for energy-efficient lighting that not only help reduce your energy costs but also create a pleasant ambiance in and around your pool. With RGB lighting, you can change the color of the pool water to any desired color, allowing you to create a unique atmosphere for a relaxing evening, a party, or a romantic occasion. Your Starline dealer will inform you about the available options and help you make the right choice.

Vrouw die naast het zwembad werkt op haar laptop terwijl man baantjes trekt in het zwembad

Starline Poolmanager

Smart and simple pool management

With the convenient Starline Poolmanager, you can manage your pool from any location at any time of the day. Not planning to use the pool? Effortlessly adjust the temperature of your pool water and save on costs, because every degree counts. Additionally, you can automate the Poolmanager based on the outside temperature and weather conditions, so you only use energy when it's really needed. Moreover, you can control the cover, filter pumps, pool lighting, garden lighting, garden gate, or a fountain, all in one app.

Een Starline Nova line zwembad met een brede inlooptrap in combinatie met een modern poolhouse en luxueuze buitenmeubels. Het dak van het poolhouse is voorzien van zonnepanelen.


Sustainability through Solar Panels

Solar panels are a powerful tool to reduce your energy consumption or even become completely independent. The energy they generate can be used to power your pool pump, heat pump, and other electrical equipment. Moreover, all our Monoblock® pools are produced in Pelt (Belgium), where no less than 1220 solar panels are used in the production process.

“Starline pools and accessories are designed with energy efficiency and longevity in mind because we understand that a pool is a long-term investment.”


Want to learn more about energy efficiency?

Our experts are happy to tell you how to swim energy-efficiently without sacrificing comfort. Visit our Experience Center in Valkenswaard or find a sales point near you.