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Starline has an advanced production facility in Overpelt, Belgium. The swimming pools and cover systems are produced here, among other things. For example, hundreds of composite Monoblock pools are manufactured every year. With over 50 years’ experience in production, we can always guarantee Starline quality.


While Starline previously had production facilities in Twello and Valkenswaard, the company moved the production of pools and covering systems to Pelt some time ago and put a high-tech factory into operation. This step was more than a relocation, as the entire production process was modernised at the same time. Since then, quality can be measured and controlled throughout the entire production process. Each pool is fully provided with a construction and colour layer of identical thickness and consistency. When a pool leaves our doors, we are assured of the best quality.

Dutch Design

Starline is proud to be a Dutch organisation. Dutch Design is deeply rooted in Starline’s DNA, as reflected in the stylish and minimalist designs of the products.

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Starline’s luxury private pools have a 100% Dutch design and feature a minimalist look. During the design process, we focus on quality, sustainability and innovation, attaching great value to a timeless look and the practical properties of the designs. The clean lines, materials and attention to detail ensure that the pools blend seamlessly into any environment, have a timeless look and are a feast for the eyes. You can fully customise the dream pools with various models, walk-in steps, colours, dimensions, covers, chic accessories and options.

Made in Belgium

We are the only manufacturer in the Benelux region that produces composite swimming pools entirely ourselves. As a result, we meet the highest standards and quality requirements.

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Since 2010, we have produced our composite Monoblock pools with the highest quality materials and innovative technologies in Pelt. Full control over our production process enables us to meet our high quality requirements. Not only compliance with the highest standards of the swimming pool industry, but also the design, finish, safety and durability are our highest priority. All this makes a Starline pool a reliable choice and a sustainable investment for the long term.

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Your order arrives

Congratulations! You have chosen a pool that will fulfil all your wishes. The specifications of the pool, colour, size, steps, built-in parts, accessories and techniques are passed on to us by your Starline dealer. The high-quality raw materials to produce the Monoblock® are delivered to our factory and stored in the designated areas. The production moulds are set to produce your selected Monoblock® model.


Layer by layer

With the aid of the production moulds, the Monoblock® is formed and sprayed in the right colour. The gelcoat that is applied repels groundwater on the exterior of the Monoblock® and also has an antibacterial effect. Next, a special Starline resin is applied to the construction layer. The insulation layer is then applied, and the pool is given a water-proof outer layer.


Curing and grinding

After the Monoblock® layers have been applied, the product is transferred directly to a special oven for curing. The specific temperature and air circulation accelerate the curing process. Once cured, the Monoblock® goes to the trim booth where the excess materials are manually ground away. This is a precise process that requires skill and experience to achieve the desired size and shape. The result is a perfectly balanced and uniform Monoblock®.


Assembly and quality control

After trimming, the Monoblock® is polished to eliminate irregularities. The product is then assembled and equipped with specific accessories and components tailored to your particular requirements. This includes the installation of steps, pipes, pool cover, lighting, jets, skimmers and other elements needed for the pool to function properly. To complete production, the Monoblock® undergoes thorough and comprehensive quality control.


Ready for installation

If the pool meets all quality and safety requirements, it will be prepared for shipment. Depending on the agreed installation date, the Monoblock® pool is stored indoors until it is hoisted onto the lorry and transported safely to the location. Our dealer will carry out the placement and installation on site. Since the pools are already pre-assembled and in one piece, you can enjoy your new pool quickly and hassle-free.

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Starline manufactures composite Monoblock® swimming pools of the highest quality. To guarantee this quality, we only use high-grade raw materials that have passed long test periods. The walls and bottom of a Monoblock® pool consist of seven different layers and are constructed so that they are impermeable to water. The inclinations in the walls are also expertly balanced for optimal pool strength and stability.

For optimal pool insulation, a honeycomb premium skincore is incorporated into the bottom and a high-density insulation foam is incorporated into the walls. The full-force vinylester composite layer makes it completely impermeable to water.

The gelcoat layer determines the colour of your pool. This layer is ideal for swimming pools because of its high UV resistance. This combination of high-grade materials guarantees lifelong enjoyment and a solid pool of the highest quality.


Visit our swimming pool factory

Come and see how your swimming pool is produced while enjoying a pastry and a cup of coffee or tea.

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