Six reasons to choose Starline

In the world of swimming pools, terms like monobloc and monoblok are often used, but what makes Starline's original Monoblock® so unique and why exactly should you choose it? We give you six reasons why Starline is the best choice when it comes to Monoblock® pools.

“Starline is the only manufacturer in the Benelux of fibre-reinforced swimming pools and we are extremely proud of that! I would be happy to tell you more about what makes us so unique.”


Focus on quality

Dutch design, Made in Belgium

With Monoblock® swimming pools, it is important to focus on the country of origin, because standards for quality, durability and use of materials can differ greatly here. Starline is the only manufacturer in the Benelux that designs fibre-reinforced swimming pools and manufactures them 100% in-house to the highest standards. All other suppliers import their pools from countries such as Eastern Europe, China, Australia and the United States, where significantly different standards of quality apply. By producing locally, we avoid the need to import swimming pools from distant continents. Therefore, with Starline you not only choose a high-quality and stylish pool, but also an environmentally friendly solution.

Binnenopslag van Starline zwembaden in de productiefaciliteit in België, netjes opgeruimd magazijn

No mass production, but made-to-order

Quality over quantity

To guarantee our quality standards, we produce our pools to order and locally. We take our time with each pool: they are cured in the oven, options are fitted manually, and every detail is carefully finished. Mass production and stacked outdoor storage of pools is a no-go for us. This can negatively affect quality due to poor weather conditions and there is a high risk of friction when stacking the pools. Moreover, our Monoblock® pools cannot be stacked due to their solid and massive construction.

De doorsnede en ontleding van een Starline zwembad met optimale isolatie, optimale versteviging en een sublieme afwerking.

With optimum insulation

The sturdiest wall-bottom construction

A Starline Monoblock® pool weighs between 1000 and 3000 kg on average, which is heavier than pools from other suppliers. This extra weight is because we do not compromise on the raw materials for our double-walled construction. Our construction consists of seven different layers, carefully applied layer by layer by skilled craftsmen. For optimal insulation, we use honeycomb premium skincore in the bottom and high density insulation foam in the walls. The dual-crosslayer fullforce vinylester layer makes it completely impervious to water. All these materials combine for exceptional strength and high insulation value.

Een technische installatie van een Starline zwembad met een filter, zwembadpomp, poolcontrol en waterdesinfectie ziet.

Healthy swimming water

No concessions on water quality

Nothing is more important than clean and healthy swimming water for you and your family. Irritation of the eyes and skin is something you want to avoid at all times, which is why good water treatment is essential. At Starline, we do not compromise on water quality. We use only the best of equipment, provide automation so you have little to worry about, and install sufficient injectors and skimmers for good water circulation. Because investing in high-quality water treatment pays off in the long run in a clear and durable pool.

The big secret

Unrivalled sleek walls of <91°

The secret of a beautiful and strong Monoblock® pool lies in the radius between the wall and the bottom. Indeed, the aesthetics of a pool are determined by the lines in its design, especially the tightness of the walls. From these thoughts, we have designed several designs where the walls are almost perfectly straight, namely 91°. This radius between the bottom and the walls not only affects the visual aspect, but also highlights our expertise in the production process. We are the only manufacturer to offer composite pools with these tight walls. In fact, it requires decades of craftsmanship.

Ervoor zorgen dat het zwembad waterpas ligt en aansluit op het terras

Choose reliability

More than half a century of experience

Last but certainly not least: when you choose Starline, you choose reliability. Don't make the mistake of falling for cheaper options, because a pool is an investment for life. The last thing you want are construction and installation mistakes such as a pool that sags, leaks or bulges unwanted. Starline is an experienced and reliable specialist. Over the past century, many pool builders have gone bankrupt or restarted under a different name. Starline, on the other hand, has been continuously active in the pool industry since 1973 and has accumulated a wealth of experience in that time. Moreover, we only work with selected pool builders who provide professional advice and have years of experience in pool installation and water treatment.

“Don't be fooled by cheaper alternatives. Because a swimming pool is not just a purchase, it is an investment for life.”


Need more reasons?

You've just discovered six reasons what makes Starline so unique, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot more to tell you! Make an appointment now at our Experience Centre or with your nearest Starline specialist.