What's the price of a Starline pool

When it’s your first time orientating on the installation of your own pool, you want to know something about the costs. The costs of a Starline pool variate. It depends on which model you choose, the required installation and the accessories. Below, you can find a price indication per design.

“Swimming pools come with very different price tags. At Starline, we help our customers make informed choices so they don't get any surprises.”

robert van der maat, starline sales manager

Starline Monoblock zwembad dat via de hijskraan geplaatst wordt op een gefundeerde betonnen constructie.

How much does a built-in pool cost?

Installing a swimming pool

What a swimming pool costs depends on several factors. This is because building a pool is a custom job and the final price of the pool depends on, among other things:

  • The type of pool: pool model, dimensions, inlet steps, colour
  • Type of cover
  • Options: built-in parts, lighting, swim trainer, waterfall, jet stream
  • Technical installation for healthy swimming water
  • Groundworks and construction costs
  • Transport costs

You make several choices during the purchase process that will determine the price. You also make choices in the technical installation. Will you opt for the latest method of water treatment, allowing you to look after your pool as little as possible?

A Starline pool costs on average between €50,000 and €90,000 incl. VAT.

Starline Nova line Monoblock zwembad

Pool type

Type of pool

The price of a pool depends partly on the type of pool. For example, you can choose a structural pool or a Monoblock® pool. Starline only produces Monoblock® pools: pools that consist of a single unit. This type of pool has a luxurious appearance, lasts a long time and is completely in harmony with its surroundings.

Starline Nova zwembad met design inlooptrap Oblique

Walk-in steps and size

Model & measurements

We offer a wide range of different sizes and walk-in steps. So at Starline, you will always find a pool that fits your garden. Of course, different sizes and steps also mean different prices. We produce pools with lengths between 4.50 and 12 metres.

Our smallest pool is the Urban Active. With a length of 4.50 metres and a width of 2.50 metres, this pool fits in almost any (urban) garden.

We also offer large pools. The Nova Line, for instance, is available in a length of 12 metres. A lovely pool for swimming laps.

Starline Nova zwembad dat via een kraan in de tuin wordt geplaatst.


Construction costs

Besides the pool itself, there are several construction works required when installing your pool. The work varies depending on the situation. Part of the cost consists of earthworks such as digging and laying a concrete floor. In some cases, it is necessary to lay drainage or piles.

If the garden is difficult to reach, it may even require the use of a crane to install the pool. Your Starline dealer will make a detailed estimate of these construction costs, so you know exactly where you stand.

Een technische installatie van een Starline zwembad met een filter, zwembadpomp, poolcontrol en waterdesinfectie ziet.


Additional options and technical features

Make a Starline pool even more luxurious with our options. Add extra atmosphere with beautiful LED lighting or add a waterfall - a real eye-catcher! Extra options also add to the price of the pool.

Starline wants to unburden you as much as possible and offer the ultimate feeling of wellness. You can have the technology of your pool automated as much as possible. Here, too, you have several choices. Ask your Starline dealer for advice and see what the best options are. 

Een ervaren Starline dealer die in de technische ruimte van het zwembad uitleg geeft aan klanten over de besturing van het zwembad

Variable costs

Energy and maintenance costs

The energy and maintenance costs of a swimming pool depend heavily on the choices you make. Will you fully maintain the pool yourself or would you rather leave this to your Starline dealer? Using a standard pool pump or an advanced frequency pump that automatically switches back to a lower speed can also make a difference. Starline offers several smart technologies that help save on energy costs.

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