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Frequently Asked Questions

My Dolphin is not climbing the walls of my pool properly

  • Check that everything is clean: filter, impeller, impeller housing, etc.

  • Replace the PVC brushes with a Wonderbrush. Enquire about this from your supplier.

  • Check the water temperature (must be above 18 °C). The chlorine and pH values must remain at the required level. You can obtain further information about water quality from your supplier.

  • Make the Dolphin heavier or lighter by adding or removing the handle floats. If the Dolphin begins to float, remove one of the floats. If the Dolphin is too heavy, add a float to the handle. NOTE: the fuller the filter bag, the heavier the Dolphin becomes. The number of floats will then need to be adjusted.

  • Place above inlet limiter

  • Check the supply voltage of the transformer. This should around 220 Volt (+/- 10%).

  • It's possible that the sides are too slippery, so clean them first using a swimming pool brush.

Contact your Starline Dealer for this too (find your closest dealer on our website).