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Frequently Asked Questions

What does chlorine value mean?

Chlorine is one of the most commonly used disinfection agents. It can be used widely and is very effective at combating pathogens. The chlorine value can be divided into three terms: the total, the free and the bonded chlorine value.

The total chlorine value indicates the amount of chlorine the water contains, but says nothing about its action. Normal value: 0.5–2.5 ppm. The free chlorine value indicates how much active chlorine your water contains. This concentration determines the level of disinfection. This lies between 0.5–2.5 ppm (indoor pools 1.0 ppm, outdoor pools 2.0–2.5 ppm). Bonded chlorine is no longer active. It has completed its disinfecting action and even acts against further disinfection. It smells strong and can irritate eyes and mucus membranes. The lower the bound chlorine value, the better. Maintain a maximum value of 1.0 ppm. The bound chlorine value may never exceed the free chlorine value.

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