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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lime balance value?

Water used to fill swimming pools and the recirculation water is usually mains water with a constant and known composition. Adding chemical products to the pool water, for disinfection, oxidation and pH management changes the original composition. Other factors, such as temperature and water motion may also cause changes to the (desired) composition of the water.

Depending on the composition of the pool water, the following phenomena may arise:

  • The water behaves neutrally: no effect on metals or lime and no lime discharge.

  • The water is aggressive relative to unprotected metals and lime-bearing materials, such as the joints between tiles, concrete, etc.

  • The water shows a tendency to lime discharge, and the formation of boiler scale.

So depending on the composition, swimming water may show either lime aggressive (limescale-dissolving) or lime discharge properties. Too control these properties, use the so-called Langelier Index.

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