Maximum swimming fun in minimal garden space

City Line

Looking for maximum swimming pleasure in a compact garden? The City Line offers the solution. The idea that a pool requires a large garden is a thing of the past. This pool is specially designed to suit modern city life, with clean lines and a contemporary design. So you can enjoy a stylish private pool even in the city.

  1. 001

    Maximum swimming surface

    Get the most out of your swimming space thanks to the cleverly designed corner stairs. With its strategic placement, the stairs take up minimal space while providing easy access to the water.

  2. 002

    Optimal safety

    Safety comes first with the City Line, which makes this pool ideal for families with children. The integrated safety edge at the top of the pool wall provides support and safety when the cover is closed.

  3. 003

    Resting points all around the pool

    The integrated standing edge provides a solid resting point, allowing you to relax, rest and enjoy the surroundings all around the pool.

  4. 004

    Integrated Roldeck® cover

    The automatic cover provides extra safety, not only saving you hours of maintenance but also significantly reducing energy consumption.

City 70

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Safety rim


Standing edge


Roldeck® integration


To kick

Corner stairs left or right

Experience a unique atmosphere with each colour

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Ibiza style - Inspiring White

Practical and aesthetic walk-in stairs

Compact, space-saving, accessible

Corner stairs left

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