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Nova Line

Discover the exceptional features that set the Nova line apart. The sleek walls and high waterline are pleasing to the eye. With a variety of walk-in steps and colours, you can easily personalise the Nova to your liking.

  1. 001

    A high water line

    The innovative skimmer system creates a high water line, which reaches just below the coping stones, giving the pool a modern look.

  2. 002

    An incomparably sleek design

    The Nova Line has walls with an angle of <91 degrees, a unique feature that no other pool has. This results in an unrivalled sleek design.

  3. 003

    Various stair options

    Relax on the Oblique staircase, a full-width walk-in staircase or a lounge area with a corner staircase? In short, plenty of choice.

  4. 004

    Integrated Roldeck® cover

    The automatic pool cover provides extra safety, not only saving you hours of maintenance but also significantly reducing energy consumption.

Nova 60
Nova 80
Nova 100
Nova 120

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Safety rim


Standing edge


Roldeck® integration


To kick

Only with broad stairs

Experience a unique atmosphere with each colour

Select a suitable colour

Ibiza style - Inspiring White

A suitable stair for every use

Lounge stairs, corner stairs and design stairs

Broad walk-in steps incl. lounge

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