Hoogstraten, Belgium - Dynamic Line

A semi-sunken pool design

The owners deliberately chose the Dynamic Line because of its Lounge staircase, which allows them to lounge in different water depths during the summer months. This staircase, with its 'lazy steps', is designed with wide steps that gradually deepen. This not only creates a visually appealing aesthetic, but also offers practical benefits. The gradual change in depth makes it easier and more comfortable to enter and exit the pool, while providing a safe and relaxing swimming environment.

Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten10Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten16Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten12Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten25Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten09Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten15Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten07Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten18Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten05Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten06Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten29Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten30Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten31Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten03Salm Salmstraat48 Hoogstraten01

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  1. 001


    Dynamic 110

  2. 002

    Walk-in stairs

    Walk-in steps Lounge

  3. 003


    11 x 4 x 1,50 M

  4. 004


    Stunning Grey

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