Complete your swimming paradise

Walk-in stairs

The walk-in stairs are an indispensable element in any pool. It not only provides safe and easy access to the water, but also acts as a relaxation area. When choosing the right pool steps, it is important to consider the intended use of the pool. For example, do you want a staircase with wide steps for comfortable lounging, or a more compact staircase so you have more room to swim laps? So you choose the right walk-in stairs by considering what you will mainly use the pool for.

For the sun worshipper

Are you someone who really loves relaxing in the sun? Then it is great to cool down once in a while. With lounge stairs, you create a pleasant place where you and your family can lounge at different depths for the ultimate moment of relaxation.

Sunbathing and relaxing

Lounge stairs

Walk-in steps Lounge

Swimming laps

Corner steps

Corner steps left

For the artistic

If you are looking for a pool that is not only functional but also makes a visual statement, then one of our designer steps might be what you are looking for. Transform your pool into a true eye-catcher and amaze your guests.

Making an aesthetic statement

Design stairs

Walk-in steps Oblique

“Safety is paramount at Starline, which is why every staircase is fitted with an anti-slip structure.”


Need advice on walk-in stairs?

Would you like advice on which staircase best suits you and the style of your home and garden? Then make an appointment at the Experience Centre in Valkenswaard or at one of our dealers.