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A Starline Monoblock® is more than just a swimming pool. It is a place that brings people together, where memories are made, that offers rest after a tiring working day and cools down on a hot summer day. That is why we do things differently. We consciously choose luxury and quality. A craft that we have been practising for more than half a century. The result is a symphony of design, craftsmanship and experience.

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The name that started it all

Our unique formula, the Monoblock®, embodies our pioneering spirit and innovation. Piece by piece seamless designs, as one unit, produced to order with fully insulated walls and bottom. The result is a name that not only revolutionised the pool world, but also became an iconic concept.

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Over half a century of experience

Born from a vision to do things differently, to create pools that were not only functional, but also became an extension of their owners' lifestyles. A rich history dating back more than 50 years in which more than 20,000 dreams have now been realised.

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Dutch Design, Made in Belgium

What we do ourselves, we do better. With that in mind, we took the production process completely into our own hands and that has enabled us to perfect every detail, from design to completion. As the only manufacturer of composite swimming pools in the Benelux, we can therefore guarantee the highest quality and durability of our pools.

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No compromises on water quality

To ensure that swimming water remains clear and fresh, proper water treatment is necessary. At Starline, we choose only the best equipment available. Only after techniques have been thoroughly tested do we dare to attach the Starline label. So you enjoy clean swimming water, safe for children, eyes and skin, carefree.

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“A swimming pool is more than just a fancy addition; it is an experience and an investment for life. That is why we consciously choose quality.”

Victor de Vries, CEO Starline Group

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A pool that fits your needs perfectly: don't settle for less. And that's right, because your tastes and preferences are undoubtedly reflected in our offer. The right size, the ideal steps and the right colour for the desired effect: here you will find the luxury pool that suits you.

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