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Pool overview

Do you also dream about your own luxury private pool? Perhaps on a hot summer day you would throw a pool party for family and friends with drinks and snacks. Or would you take a relaxing dip after a busy day at work to let go of all your worries? Whatever the reason you’re looking for a pool, Starline has the pool to meet all your needs!

At Starline we attach great importance to your wishes and desires. Personalise your dream pool and choose from various models, dimensions, walk-in steps, colours and accessories to create a unique, tailor-made pool. Lengths range from 4.5 to 12 metres, widths from 2.5 to 4.1 metres, and depths from 1.35 to 1.6 metres. Whatever you dream of, one thing’s for sure: Starline has your dream pool that will enrich your life.

Nova 120 trap persp white

Nova Line

  • Minimalist design with clean lines
  • High waterline to just below the coping stones
  • Various walk-in steps and lengths
  • View the Nova Line
Nexxt 120 hoektrap LR persp white

Infinity Line

  • Infinity pool with sleek design and mirror effect
  • Overflowing waterline level with the coping stones
  • Various walk-in steps and lengths
  • View the Infinity Line
Dynamic trap R persp white

Dynamic Line

  • At 11 metres long, it’s an ideal family pool
  • Available with various colours and walk-in steps
  • Includes safety edge and standing edge
  • View the Dynamic Line
Romana 100 persp wit

Classic Line

  • Rural design with a Mediterranean and classic touch
  • Half-round steps with centred starting block
  • Includes safety edge and standing edge
  • View the Classic Line
Urban active Step White

Urban Active

  • ‘Plunge pool’ for small urban gardens
  • Includes Endless Swimming
  • Design walk-in steps
  • View the Urban Active
Ergonomic trap L persp wit

City Line

  • Compact design with maximum swimming area
  • Available in semicircular and rectangular version
  • Includes safety edge and standing edge
  • View the City Line
Carre 100 persp white

Essential Line

  • Timeless rectangular design with a classic touch
  • Integrated walk-in steps over the full width
  • Includes safety edge and standing edge
  • View the Essential Line

Essential Xcite Line

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On our reference page you’ll find our pools in different situations and read about previous customers.

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Our philosophy

Starline has been working passionately since 1973 to bring your swimming experience to the highest possible level. Our mission is to be a reliable partner for all your pool needs. We do this by offering everything you need under one roof. Our range includes a wide selection of Monoblock® pools, steps, colours, sizes, covers, water treatment techniques, built-in parts and associated products. We strive for an informal, personal and confidential approach in everything we do.

Hygienic and safe

A Starline Monoblock® pool is a durable, hygienic and safe pool. The top layer of the walls and bottom are UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and indestructible. The material is very hard and smooth, making it antibacterial and gentle on your skin. We have also thought about safety. Several pools are equipped with a standing edge and a safety edge for the Roldeck, so even children can play more safely around the pool. Enjoy your own luxury private pool with peace of mind.

Design pools of the highest quality

We produce luxury private swimming pools in-house, using only the best materials. Our Starline pools consist of one unit and are made of high-quality composite in an extremely durable, double-walled and insulated construction. Compared to architectural constructions, you have a lower risk of leakage and spend less time and effort on maintenance – so you can enjoy your pool for longer.

Excellent warranty and fast installation of your dream pool

At Starline we guarantee the quality our products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our pools and a lifetime warranty for the watertightness of the vinyl ester top layer and the shell. The pools are already fully equipped in our production facility, so your dream pool is ready for use in your house or garden within one week and you can enjoy it without delay.

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