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Swimming pools

Starline Monoblock Swimming Pools

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Luxury private swimming pools

Indoor or outdoor

Your own dream pool
A swimming pool in a stylish indoor space or garden is a treat for the eyes and offers an atmosphere of luxury and wealth. It gives your life a new dimension. A lifestyle full of enjoyment and pleasure. We would love to help make your dream come true. We have been for over 40 years. Many customers have gone before you. Are you looking forward to enjoying a gorgeous swimming pool every single day


Top-quality swimming pools
We manufacture the swimming pools ourselves, using only the very best materials. Each of our swimming pools are made of one piece, with high-quality composite and a very sustainable, double-walled insulated structure. Compared to other constructions, you will have a smaller chance of leakage and require less time and effort for maintenance. Enjoy your swimming pool longer.
Personal touch
Our swimming pools are 100% ‘Dutch’ design and have a minimalist look. We value your wishes and needs. You can completely personalise your swimming pool with (entrance) steps, various options and chic accessories. The pools also come in various different colours. Give your dream pool a personal touch, and swim in a unique, custom-made design pool
Hygienic and safe
A Starline swimming pool is a clean swimming pool. The top layer of the walls is UV-resistant, scratch-proof and indestructible. The material is very hard and smooth, making it antibacterial and soft for your skin. We’ve also thought of safety. Various pools come with a standing ledge and a safety rim for the Roldeck. Even children can safely play around the swimming pool. Enjoy your swimming pool with a serene mood.
Excellent guarantee and speedy installation
We offer guarantees for all our Starline products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our swimming pools and offer lifetime guarantees on the watertightness of the vinylester top layer and the tub. As our swimming pools are completely fitted in the factory, your pool will be ready to use in your home or garden within one week! That means you’ll be able to enjoy your dream pool within no time.
Excellent service

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That's why you choose Starline