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10 reasons

Starline is not just a casual pool manufacturer, but a brand with many unique features and characteristics. Starline is known for ''Dutch Design, Made in Belgium''. We believe that creating The Perfect Pool starts with offering tailor-made solutions and excellent customer service. Discover the 10 main reasons why our customers prefer us and where we stand out.

Made in Belgium

We are the only manufacturer in the Benelux to manufacture composite pools entirely in-house. As a result, we meet the highest standard and quality standards.

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Kwaliteit uit de benelux

Together with our selected pool dealers, we have almost 50 years of experience in manufacturing and installing composite pools. As a result, we have an excellent reputation regarding quality, service and guarantee. Since 1973, we have been manufacturing our composite Monoblock pools using innovative technologies and materials from the highest quality. Our production process is completely in our own hands and this ensures that we can live up to our high quality standards. Not only in compliance with the highest standards of the swimming pool industry, but also the design, the finishing, safety and durability are our top priorities.

All this makes a Starline pool a reliable choice and a sustainable long-term investment.

Wisdom over the years

We have been manufacturing and distributing high-quality composite swimming pools since 1973. This makes us the most experienced manufacturer within the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Over the years, we have built up a strong reputation for quality and service. We have been working with the same and selected dealers for years. Pool builders who are all professionally trained, have years of experience in the field and are always ready to solve any problems. Every Starline dealer is the pool specialist in his own region and is also familiar with all legal and quality requirements that an installation has to meet. They guarantee a carefree placement and installation from A to Z.

Transparent about production

Starline uses only the highest-quality raw materials available on the market, which have also passed long testing periods.

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Transparant over productie 2 kopiëren

Within the pool industry, unfortunately, misleading terms are often used and/or promises are made that have violated the reliability of several consumers. At Starline, we are transparent about which high-quality materials we use in the production of our pools. We are therefore happy to invite you to take a look at our factory in Overpelt (Belgium), so that you can experience with your own eyes how your dream pool is produced. This ensures that when you choose Starline, you are assured of the best quality.

Quality products

From the bottom to the walls and steps, your Starline pool will be finished to perfection. Our sublime level of finishing is unique in the pool industry.

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Our composite Monoblock swimming pools are manufactured in one piece at our Belgian factory, from where they are delivered directly to the end customer within a few days. The walls and bottom of our composite pools consist of seven carefully constructed layers. For optimal pool insulation, we incorporate a honeycomb structure in the bottom and foam insulation in the walls. The composite layer makes it completely impervious to water.

A complete product

Our pools are always equipped with a complete technical system for water treatment. Built-in parts such as skimmers, jets and lights are pre-assembled in our factory. This saves time and ensures efficient installation.

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Compleet product

A pool entirely to your taste, equipped with all conveniences for the ultimate swimming experience and an user-friendly maintenance. Starline pools are available in various sizes and colours. The type, design and location of the steps are also selectable for most pool models. All our steps have an anti-slip coating. Several pool lines also have standing and safety edges to create a safe swimming environment for young swimmers.

A high-quality, integrated pool cover system

In addition to the production of swimming pools, at Starline we also have in-house production of Roldeck® swimming pool covers. Here, too, we produce to the highest quality standards.

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Geintegreerde afdekking

The fully automated Roldeck® cover ensures a clean, low-maintenance and safe swimming pool. Moreover, a Roldeck saves energy by preventing water evaporation. The Solar Eclipse slats can even absorb heat from the sun to heat up the water. In most pool lines, the cover is integrated into the stairs or lounge platform. Thanks to the wide choice of slats, you will always find a suitable cover for your Starline pool.

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Why they have chosen Starline

Complete technical installation

At Starline, we provide our customers not only with a durable pool, but also with the complete technical installation. Filters, pumps, lighting, water disinfection and their controls are fully installed on site by our dealer.

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Volledige technische installatie

A Starline pool is equipped with a complete technical installation to make maintenance and use of the pool as user-friendly as possible. As a customer, you are thus completely relieved of any worries during installation and there is no need to purchase additional items. This allows you to enjoy the pool immediately. We offer various options for water treatment to ensure an optimal swimming comfort.

Extensive dealer network

With several qualified dealers spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Switzerland, you are always in good hands. In addition, Starline has its own service department to support our dealers.

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Starline has an extensive dealer network with years of experience in the field to provide local service and support. The dealer network consists exclusively of qualified dealers who are trained and know everything about Starline pools. Moreover, they are all experience experts in their own region. This ensures many advantages for you as a customer such as a reliable and hassle-free installation, quick and easy access to products, free and professional tailor-made advice, direct contact, local service and support, and finally the security of a reputable brand.

Open and honest

Starline and its dealers offer open and complete quotes, with all costs made transparent.

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Open en eerlijk

Our Starline dealers are at all times open and honest about prices in their quotations. All costs are clearly identified and there are no hidden costs. Because of their specialism and experience in their region, they know exactly what activities and preparations are involved in a project. So with us, you will never face any surprises or disappointments.

Together with our dealer network, we guarantee optimal customer satisfaction and a worry-free installation. Our excellent service and satisfaction surveys make us a reliable partner who is always there for you, even after installation.

Extensive and tailored range

Starline has the most comprehensive range pools. We offer pools that are safe for children and pets and are also ergonomically tailored.

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Uitgebreid en afgestemd assortiment2

An infinity pool, a plunge pool or just the largest pool with a designer staircase? We offer a unique range of high-quality pools. Wide choice of entry steps, sizes, colours and additional options for optimal comfort and maintenance, ensure that you are sure to find your dream pool.
Configure it now via our handy configurator and make an appointment with your nearest dealer to discuss your requirements in detail.

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Visit our swimming pool factory

You can watch your pool being made while enjoying a pastry and a cup of coffee or tea.

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