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Let Starline build your swimming pool

The purchase and installation of a swimming pool is an important process. A private swimming pool becomes an integral part of your home and garden, providing enjoyment for the entire family. Starline and its dealers guide you through this process and support you in the creation of your own swimming pool. We have many years of experience in the manufacture, delivery and installation of indoor and outdoor pools.

Step 1


The ideal procedure for the realisation of your swimming pool starts in our showroom. See our magnificent swimming pools to gain inspiration.

Tailored advice

A Starline consultant provides information on the process as a whole and helps you to select the dealer who can realise this.

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Step 2

Fast installation

Our swimming pools are made from one single piece. All parts are assembled in the factory which is why very few construction activities are required.

A swimming pool within a week

Our approach means that your swimming pool is ready to use within one week.

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Step 3

Fine detailing

With the high-class finish and accessories, your swimming pool will look beautiful and you can to live the dream.

For example coping stones, patio tiles, steps, lighting, jetstreams, outdoor showers or a Starline spa.

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Step 4


You can enjoy your pool all year round. The automatic pool cover, water treatment systems and floor suction cleaners do all the work.

Automatic pool cover

The neatly concealed automatic pool cover ensures that your swimming pool is clean, safe and energy-efficient.

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Automatiseren van uw zwembad

U kunt het hele jaar door zorgeloos genieten. Automatische afdekking, systemen voor waterbehandeling en bodemzuigers doen het werk.

Automatische afdekking
Een onzichtbaar weggewerkte en geautomatiseerde afdekking zorgt ervoor dat uw zwembad schoon, veilig en energiebesparend is.

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A reliable point of contact

That's why you choose for Starline


Our qualified Starline dealer is the ideal partner for the maintenance of your pool. Via our dealers you benefit from excellent guarantee conditions. It is also possible to arrange a maintenance contract so that your pool is inspected on a regular basis.

Every Starline swimming pool has a maintenance manual. Where necessary we offer our dealers technical support. Our customer service department is always available to answer questions.

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