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Starline, the manufacturer of luxurious Monoblock® swimming pools, is looking for new sales points due to the expansion of our activities. Are you interested? We would like to visit you to discuss a potential collaboration.

Our headquarters and showroom are located in Valkenswaard (NL), and the production facility, over 15,000 m2, is located in Pelt (BE). In addition to pool manufacturing, we also have our own production of Roldeck® pool covers.


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Explore the potential for sustainable expansion by collaborating with Starline

Since 1973, and still counting

With over 50 years of continuous activity in the market and more than 20,000 successfully implemented pool projects, we offer you guaranteed continuity and first-class quality.

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We have been manufacturing and delivering high-quality one-piece composite pools for over 50 years. Starline pools are available in various sizes and colors.

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Our pools are crafted piece by piece, with high attention to detail. A calibrated production process thas has been on point for years with multiple quality controls which includes our important kiln curing process.

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A unique combination of craftsmanship and years of experience in pool manufacturing. A locally produced product made from honest and high-quality materials in our own factory in Pelt, Belgium.

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Swim-Ready in One Week

With pre-assembled installation parts and piping, you can speed up the installation time and reduce risks on site. This not only saves time and money for you as a dealer but also allows you to complete more projects.

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This translates into significant benefits, not only for you as a dealer but also for your customers. Many Starline dealers have already benefited from this, resulting in numerous impressive projects.

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Sustainable Product

Our pools are insulated as standard and equipped with an energy-saving slatted cover. We also choose the best water treatment and energy efficient filtration system. All pools are made in Belgium with the utmost attention to quality.

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Discover how with simple adjustments or choices, you can make your Monoblock® pool even more sustainable and save costs without compromising on quality.

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Excellent Service and Warranty Conditions

Starline offers excellent service and warranty terms that provide our customers with peace of mind and confidence. Our helpdesk is always ready with experienced staff to answer all your questions, and we are happy to do so in your own language.

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Furthermore, we offer on-site service to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. In addition, customers have online access to our extensive technical database and ordering portal for added convenience. As for warranties, we guarantee lifelong watertightness, 20 years on the pool structure, 2 years on built-in components, and 5 years on the Roldeck motor. Quality, service, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of Starline.

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Marketing Support

Our STAR partners are entitled to comprehensive support, including P.O.S. materials, local marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, and access to 3D drawings via our partner support site.

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Starline's marketing support for pool builders means a larger customer base, improved local visibility, professional branding, and the opportunity to ride on our strong brand - in short, growth and success in the industry.