Swimming pool maintenance

The main aspects of pool maintenance concern water quality and cleaning. We offer a range of solutions to make things as easy as possible for you. This leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your swimming pool.


Pool filter for clean water

A pool filter ensures filtration of the water in the swimming pool, which is essential for clean, clear swimming water.

In this regard it is important for the filtration to be done in the proper way with a suitable filter system. The type of pool filter and the capacity of the filter depend on the volume and the use of your swimming pool.

A pool filter consists of a reservoir filled with a filter medium, either filter sand or glass beads. The water is sucked up by a filter pump and is pushed through the filter medium in the filter. Fine dirt is trapped by the sand in the reservoir.

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Filter pump for water circulation

A filter pump circulates the water in the swimming pool so that the water can be filtered and possibly heated as well. A swimming pool cannot function properly without this pump.

The pool water is extracted from the pool by the surface skimmers. The water then flows through a system of pipes to the pool filter, which removes the debris from the water. The filtered water is returned to the pool via the discharge valves.

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Cleaning the swimming pool

Automatic pool cleaners are appliances that are placed in the swimming pool and easily remove (coarse) dirt. They scrub, brush and vacuum the entire pool and filter the swimming water. The system contains advanced software that enables a specifically chosen part of the pool to be cleaned.

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Disinfecting the swimming pool

Chlorine disinfectant is the most common and most widely used water treatment method. However, this is harmful to the environment and may occasionally cause irritation to swimmers.

Another possible method is to opt for a low-chlorine disinfectant, which drastically reduces chlorine use. Whichever method you choose, it is important for the disinfection to be carried out and monitored on a regular basis.

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