A swimming pool with pool house

A swimming pool creates an oasis of wellness and relaxation in your garden. Make the oasis complete with a pool house. Imagine yourself in a tropical resort surrounded by every luxury.... and in your own garden! A cool place in the shadow after a dip in the pool: a summer day in your garden has never been so wonderful.

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A pool house combined with an inground pool completes the luxury holiday feel. For instance, you can use your garden house as a lounge area, or to set up a bar in your garden. A pool house can also serve as a modern outbuilding that could, for example, be used for your very own Bed & Breakfast accomodation. Here are more possible uses for your pool house:

  • Lounge area with roof cover
  • Outside kitchen
  • Home office
  • Wellness space with sauna and/or spa
  • Hobby room
  • Storage room
  • Plant room

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A pool house in your garden

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The design and furnishing of your pool house

The possibilities for the design and layout of your pool house are endless: from a basic pool house with plant room and changing room, to a full-scale garden house with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The style depends on your own taste and what goes with your house and garden.

A rustic pool house

Many people choose for a rustic style pool house. A rustic pool house fits perfectly in rural surroundings, such as a farmhouse garden. The rustic atmosphere can be finished with a swimming pool from the Starline Classic Line: the ideal pool for the rural, Mediterranean garden.

A modern pool house

A modern pool house goes well with a modern minimalist home. Combined with the Starline Nova of Infinity Line, you can create a contemporary garden with strong lines.

Please note: always ask your municipal authorities whether a permit is required for your pool house, and what rules apply.

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A rustic pool house

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A modern poolhouse

A pool house offers extra wellness possibilities.

A garden house next to your pool gives the opportunity to create a wellness paradise in your garden. How about a luxury outside kitchen with barbecue under the roof of your pool house? There are also possibilities for realising a sauna, spa, hammam and shower in your garden house. Or invite friends and family (once it's safe again!) over for drinks in your own cocktail bar.

Plant room serving the swimming pool in your pool house

A pool house is not only for luxury and relaxation: it also has a practical benefit. The plant room for your pool can simply be placed in your garden house. The plant room houses such equipment as the heat pump controls, the Roldeck® and the water treatment unit.

This way, your swimming pool's plant room is neatly tucked away out of sight and everything is safely stored.

Pool house as changing room

Another advantage of a pool house is that it can be used as a changing room. So you and your children don't have to walk through the house any more in dripping wet swimwear.

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